What is Earthing? _Written by Princess Angeliquerose

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What is Earthing? _Written by Princess Angeliquerose

What is Earthing?

 Written by Princess Angeliquerose

Earthing is whenever you are in physical contact with the surface of the earth. Whether it is your bare feet, hands or other parts of your body, this physical contact enables you to tap into the earth’s healing energy. There are constantly electrons flowing through the earth surface, which are integral to our livelihoods and well-being. In our bodies there are positively charged free radicals, which have the potential to lead to inflammation, thereby creating disease. However, when we connect with nature, our energetic frequency begins to oscillate at the same frequency as the earth. We thus attune to the earth’s heartbeat, as the connection of our hearts to mother earth is the centre of our existence and literally brings us to life.

Thinking back in my childhood, I spent my days playing in the soil, walking barefoot, lying in grassy fields and climbing trees. I always head a deep connection to nature, giving me an abundance of energy and vitality in those years. Yet, upon starting school, I was suddenly confined indoors, wearing rubber soled shoes and sitting cross-legged on musty carpets. That is when I first got sick.

Most of us today have lost our connection to mother earth, as the industrialised world leads us inside and slowly disconnects us from nature. We live in confined spaces, high-rise buildings and cramped apartments; we wear plastic soled shoes that create barriers to the earth. Without being connected to the earth, we became detached. Hence, grounding is necessary for us to discharge the negative frequencies that we have taken on board, and without it we become overwhelmed and washed through with chaotic energies. We need to reduce free radical generating substances, which are present all around us in fried foods, alcohol, tobacco, smoke, pesticides, toxic chemicals, air pollutants and even an overdose of sun.

The cure? It is the simple medicine of the earth. Our planet is the original pain killer, naturally reducing and preventing inflammation in the body, which in turn prevents inflammation related health disorders. The benefits of grounding on the body are amazing! Walking bare foot is linked to better agility, higher energy levels, stronger legs and muscles, lower risk of injury, better sleep, lower blood pressure, lesser risk of blood clots, strengthened immune system, and many more assets.

So, let’s start…the simplest way to start grounding is to go outdoors and place your bare feet directly on the earth. Your feet are your primary connection to the earth and are very sensitive and open to energetic vibration, so if you walk barefoot your feet absorb the earth’s electrons!

How to get the most benefits out of earthing:

The best time is around half an hour before eating, as this will aid your digestion. Avoid walking on man-made surfaces such as cement, as this may damage your feet. In fact, concrete hinders us from this vital earth-human exchange, because it prevents the earth’s electrons from being transferred into our bodies. These electrons are needed to keep chronic inflammation and many diseases at bay.

The best approach is to be bare footed on grass, sand, soil, rock, stone or water. In terms of water, you will need to be a little selective. The sea, rivers, and other natural places to swim are cornucopias of natural resources and are highly effective at grounding. Therefore, take advantage of natural, as opposed to man-made water resources when you can. For instance, even walking on damp grass to absorb the morning dew will provide incredibly intense healing.

The most optimal time of day for grounding is after a thunderstorm, as the earth has just been charged. As lightning strikes the earth, the atmosphere is heaving full of free-electrons and this negative charge helps to connect us to mother earth and thereby top up our vitality. Sun light is helpful to us in a myriad of ways. On one hand, it generates energy and frequencies which are abundant in their provision of vitamin D to our bodies, whilst the gentle caress of the sunlight on our skin also enables faster grounding, provided our feet are directly connected to the earth. The direct contact between the earth and our feet provides unique energy and frequencies that directly influence the body.

Grounding can also be enhanced by making sure your body’s iron is balanced (eating organic apples is an easy way to start), as this promotes better earth connection and conductivity. Regular exposure to sunlight is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D to maintain healthy blood. The best and safest time to absorb sunlight is from 7am to 9am, for 10 to 30 minutes, whilst this also helps the body to absorb calcium, leading to strong and healthy bones. Our hearts and brain produce and use electrical energy all the times, but when our bodies receive extra electrons from the earth, we are able to cleanse and repair, thereby encouraging the healing process, helping the body to return to its optimal state.

As the earth core is made of flowing liquid iron that creates electrical currents which in turn generate a magnetic field, our earth’s surface conducts this energy to us, as we are living, pulsing, highly coordinated electromagnetic organisms. Every second that we live, we are symbiotically entwined with our electrical planet and our bodies are just like the earth.

In this way, once soil enters the human body through grounding, it acts like a mind-altering drug, functioning like an antidepressant pill to boost your mood, reducing free-radicals, making us feel and look much younger. Grounding is as natural and effortless as breathing. So, leave your living foot-prints on this earth and love this planet which on which you are walking, because you and the earth are both beautifully entwined with each other.

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