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Sydney, Australia: Artspace have announced the next series of actions by artists in the 52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS series, including leading Australian artists Mike Parr and Vernon Ah Kee, artists from Tibet, Cambodia, Pakistan, China, New Caledonia, Afghanistan, Mauritius and more, and collectives including pvi collectiveFAFSWAG and the Refugee Art Project. The exhibition sees the creation of 52 artworks in 52 unique locations throughout Asia that are shared globally via Instagram @52artists52actions and online generating a continuously unfolding archive of creative responses to everything from the refugee crisis and mass migration to the impacts of climate change around the world.

Alexie Glass-Kantor, Executive Director of Artspace, said: “There has never been a more important time for a project like 52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS. Every day, headlines and newsfeeds intimidate with an increasingly troubled world where profit and personal gain are seemingly placed above all else and difference is feared. This project aims to spotlight the unflinching voice of the artist, and the belief that empathy and understanding are critical for a better future.”

52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS is curated and instigated by Artspace in Sydney, working with an extensive network of artists, collaborators and agitators from across Asia. Every week from January 2018 – January 2019 Artspace invites a different artist to respond to a current political or social issue in the form of an action (anything and everything that artists use to communicate: from an artwork to a tour or community event, an image, a shared meal, a performance, or a temporary installation) to build awareness around important concerns locally and globally.

Artists and collectives who will each contribute an action to the project, (longer list below), include:

  • Australian artist Mike Parr, fresh from his durational subterranean Underneath the Bitumen the Artist work at DARK MOFO will scrutinize the real effects and benefits of political art, particularly in relation to refugees.
  • Vernon Ah Kee is a member of the Kuku Yalandji, Waanji, Yidinji and Gugu Yimithirr peoples. In his work, through clever puns and plays on words and objects, Ah Kee fuses the history and language of colonisation with contemporary black/white political issues to expose degrees of underlying racism in Australian society.
  • Shiraz Bayjoo is a Mauritian artist based between London and Mauritius, whose work focuses upon the legacies of European colonialism across the Indian Ocean region. For 52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS Bayjoo will present a series of island states and post-colonies, reflecting on sites of colonial genocide and trauma, including newly documented spaces around Tasmania as part of the Representation, Remembrance and the Memorial forum (led by artist Brook Andrew).
  • Echo Morgan works with stereotypes of ‘Chineseness’ and femininity in order to subvert them by writing texts on her skin using red lipstick, black Chinese ink, white ‘ink’ made from jasmine tea, and her own breast milk after giving birth to her second child. She has played with tropes of Chinoiserie, painting her naked body to resemble blue and white porcelain, and then inviting the audience to violently wash the patterns away by hurling water-filled balloons at her.
  • A first generation Muslim Khmer woman, born in Cambodia and raised in Chicago, Anida Yoeu Ali returned to work in Phnom Penh as part of her 2011 U.S. Fulbright Fellowship. Ali is known for her live performance works that speak to a rapidly changing Cambodian rural landscape as well as the complex relationship between her fascination with Buddhism and her Muslim upbringing.
  • pvi collective are a tactical media arts group who produce interdisciplinary artworks, often in in public and corporate spaces, intent on the creative disruption of everyday life. For 52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS they will invite audiences to replicate their ‘10 tiny actions of revolution’ and join them in posting online as a provocation to develop a collective climate of resistance.
  • FAFSWAG are a NZ-based visual arts incubator for queer Indigenous creatives, fuelling their artistic endeavours through performance, poetry, installation, costume and fashion design to collaboratively activate public and digital space and disavow false representations of queer brown identities.
  • Since the Refugee Art Project’s inception in late 2010, more than 500 artworks created by refugees and asylum seekers have been exhibited to the Australian public. Refugee Art Project is passionate about showcasing the enormous talent locked away, beyond the razor wire.

Participating artists since January have included Richard Bell (Australia), Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (South Korea), Chim↑Pom (Japan), Bhenji Ra (Australia/The Phillipines),Enkhjargal Ganbat (Mongolia), Charles Lim (Singapore), Deborah Kelly (Australia), Hit Man Gurung (Nepal), Tromarama (Indonesia), The Mulka Project (Yirrkala, Northeast Arnhem Land, Australia) and more artists and collectives who have staged actions in unique, physical locations throughout Asia and shared them with a global audience via Instagram@52artists52actions.


Amin Tasha | Afghanistan

Shiraz Bayjoo | Mauritius

Anida Yoeu Ali | Cambodia

Tita Salina | Indonesia

Fazal Rizvi | Pakistan

Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam | India / Tibet

FAFSWAG | New Zealand / Oceania

Ashmina Ranjit | Nepal

pvi collective | Australia

Refugee Art Project | Australia

Abdul Halik Azeez | Sri Lanka

Jason Wee | Singapore

Vernon Ah Kee | Australia

Art Labor Collective | Vietnam

Arahmaiani Feisal | Indonesia

Zhao Zhao | China

Rosanna Raymond | New Zealand

Mike Parr | Australia

Nicolas Molé | New Caledonia

Rabbya Naseer | Pakistan

Venuri Perera | Sri Lanka

Tintin Wulia | Indonesia




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