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2021 Worldwide Project_ JYP & PSY

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

 – Stephen Hawking

We only focus on your special talent

without being interfered by your appearance.

A big journey to look for talents

to create a world-wide boy group by SBS, JYP and P Nation!



■ Qualification for Application

A male born in or after 2000 (regardless of nationality)

Anyone ready to show off his talent on stage

(More information is available on the application form)



How to Apply

  1. 1. Please download and fill out the application form from the [LOUD] official homepage (www.loud.sbs.co.kr).


  1. 2. Please film a two-minute long video to show off your talent.

– There is no set limit or format for the videos. Please feel free to show your talent.

– You can attach three videos at maximum.

  1. Please film a 30-second video to introduce yourself.

– From the waist up, at a bright spot

– Self-introduction video is not counted in the three-maximum video count.

  1. 4. Your application form, video footages (talent video and self-introduction video) should be attached in one email and sent to [LOUD] official email address.(sbs_loud@naver.com)


  1. 5. Please use the following set format for the title of the email and video file:

Firstname Lastname_City_YYMMDD (birth date 6 digits) – For example: WorldPark_Seoul_000101


※ Please use basic camera for video shooting (no video enhancement apps).

※ Application mail should be sent only one time.

※ Submitted video footage will be used only for our TV program.

※ Before sending your email, please check again that your application form and video footages have been attached successfully.

※ The email address above is only for the application purpose. We do not reply with a confirmation mail regarding the application received. We will only send an email to the applicants who pass the preliminary round.



Application Schedule

Monday November 2nd, 2020 to 11:59pm(KST), Thursday December 31th, 2020




   Application Form      



Nationality/ Place of Birth /
Birthdate(Age) / (Age:      )
Height / Weight              cm /                kg
Immediate Family Members
Mobile Phone Number

(including country code)

Emergency Contact Number

(including country code)


(Relationship to you:                               )


(School/ Company name)

(School:               / Company:             )
Primary E-mail
Social Media Account / URL

(YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Sound Cloud, etc)

Are you currently under any management, talent, or entertainment agency? Yes □

(Name of the Agency :              )

No □
1. What is the reason for applying for ‘LOUD’?
2. . Describe yourself in three words and please explain why you chose them.
3. Check on the talents that you have, if applicable.

(If there are no choices here for you to choose from, feel free to explain your talent next to Other.

You may write down anything to show your specialty. ※ You may check on multiple checkboxes.)

□ Singing □ Dance

/ Classical Dance

□ Your own rapping □ Playing

musical instrument

□ Writing lyrics

/ writing essays

□ Writing music □ Arranging songs □ DJing
□ Making / editing video □ Acting □ Art □ Photographing
□ Design □ Beatbox □ Other (                              )
4. Explain more about your talent from the choices you checked above.  

(e.g.) When did you start or find it? Any related activities, Awards you won, Songs you produced or wrote, Any instruments you can play)

5. Explain the video footage you attached.

(Subject, theme, plot, etc)

6. Write about any activities you have been involved in including music and others.

(Audition with an entertainment agency or TV station, experience as a trainee, TV appearances, Album releases, and Awards)

7. Who is your favorite artist and why do you like him/her?
8. Write three songs you are confident in.
9. When was your happiest moment and the hardest moment in your life?
10. What is your goal in life?



□ Applicants who pass the preliminary round will be later notified individually.

□ Application and submitted video footage from those who fail to pass the preliminary round will be discarded at the

end of the program.

□ Applicants must write only factual information on the application form.

If you write false information, misrepresented, and/or deceiving information, you may be subject to legal action.

□ Make sure not to send a duplicate mail.





[Consent to Collect and Use of Personal Information]

□ The purpose of collecting and using of personal information: Process of application,

recruitment and notification for SBS [LOUD:라우드]

□ Content of personal information to be collected:

Name, age(birth date), occupation, contact number, social network account

□ The period for retention and use of the personal information: Personal information will be held until the purpose of

application, confirmation, and notification shall be completed, and shall be destroyed immediately afterwards.


Applicants who pass the preliminary round will again be asked to consent to the use of personal information.

Regarding other matters, we comply with SBS’s Privacy Policy and Guidelines


I agree to give consent to the collection and use of private information and I declare that the information provided is true and correct.


  1. . .


Name of the Applicant :                       Signature of the Applicant :                           


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